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Being Good Neighbors

Written by: Erika Browning, March 17, 2020
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Mr. Rogers’ mom had it right.  In any crisis there are helpers.  Finding them encourages us and propels us to seek out ways we can help as well.  Each of us has skills and interests that naturally give rise to unique ways of helping in a crisis.  Many can offer assistance with education related challenges, now that the kids are all learning at home.  Some will have financial means to help those in a bind.  Others can get around more easily and run errands for those more vulnerable among us who are sheltering in place.  All of us can encourage and help in some small way!  We’ve created a way to connect helpers with those who are in need.  If you have a service to offer, please sign up HERE.  If you need something, please find someone on THIS page who can help.  Everyone listed as a helper wants to help!  We’re excited to see our community making the most of this unexpected turn of events and joining with each other in solidarity.  This is what makes our town great.  THIS is Duncanville!

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