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Duncanville's Natural Wonder

Written by: Erika Browning, April 23, 2020
Ten Mile Creek is the natural waterway that begins at the west end of Duncanville, near Cedar Hill, and flows unrestricted through town for five miles. In the past it’s been a place for families to picnic and swim in its deeper “blue holes.” The creek is accessible from Harrington and Waterview parks, and from the section of land at Santa Fe, Cedar Hill, and Danieldale Roads, which was gifted to the city by the Ladd family 20 years ago. Mark Graham, a local editorial and portrait photographer, has enjoyed the nuances of the creek for many years. We wanted to learn about Ten Mile from his perspective.

When did you start photographing the creek?
I started going down there after I got my dog. I’d gone to Harrington Park before, but after I got my dog I just started wandering the area. He loved walking the creek and it just became a place to go a couple times a week. That’s how it got started anyway. Now it’s just an obsession. It really is. It gives me something to do that isn’t work related.

How has it changed over the years?
Trash. Way way more trash. I’ve really never smelled overflow until the last year and a half, two years. I won’t go into that, but it’s pretty bad...

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